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These special alloys composed of copper, nickel, and sometimes lead, have high strength and increased resistance to corrosion along with good formability.

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623 Bronze middot Alloy 623 Aluminum Bronze has good ductility, high strength and a good resistance to most acidic environments. It has excellent wear and

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The higher the concentration of zinc, the stronger and more pliable the alloy. Highstrength brass contains 39 zinc. Properties of Brass. As a copperalloy,

alUMinUM BronZe H. Kramer and Co.

Fatigue Strength, p.s.i. 100 Million cycles . A.S.T.M. Ingot B30 922 Formerly B30 2A hiGh leaded tin BronZe 801010 C93700.

Brass and Bronze Castings in Michigan Warner Brothers Foundry

862, 423, High Strength Yellow Brass, Manganese Bronze, 90,000 Tensile, B30, B22, 922, 245, Navy M, Tin Bronze, 8661.54.5, B584, B61, B271, B505, B30

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The Akron Ozzie Master 922 Oscillating Monitor has a powerful sweeping water stream for high performance attack and protection . Its 39 unique waterdriven

Tribological Study of Aluminum 390T6, Gray Cast Iron, and

MnSi brass is a high tensile brass commonly used for appli ions where good wear resistance and low friction coefficient is required as for example in the

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Product Data Sheet Copper Alloys Free Cutting Brass Alloy 385 UNSC38500 Chemical One example is our ultra high strength titanium copper foil with


BRASS ALLOY 360 UNS C36000 per ASTM B 16 PHOSPHOR BRONZE Alloy 544 UNS of PHOSPHOR BRONZE: Used for pins requiring more durability than brass.

ORAFOL ORACAL 970RA922 Brass Premium Wrapping Cast Vinyl

ORAFOL ORACAL 970RA922 Brass Premium Wrapping Cast Vinyl RapidAir. 71.50 1,622.50 shortterm resistance to most oils and greases, fuels,

922 high strength brass

High Strength Yellow Brass 90000 Tensile Manganese Bronze . C92200 CDA 922 Leaded Tin Bronze Alloys Conex Casting. Form Specifi ion Tensile min ksi MPa

C86300 424 High Strength Yellow Brass Technical Data Sheet

Aluminum, Brass and Bronze Sand Castings. Specifi ions, Appli ions, Properties, Techniques, Corrosion Resistance, Properties, and Enineering.